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What We Do

“Carraghyn acts with boards and senior management to assemble the right combination of strategic direction, leadership talent, financial capacity and governance oversight.”

The consultancy profession has earned a reputation for creating open-ended engagements and encouraging client dependency. Many so-called consultants end up as being expensive quasi employees. As business people ourselves we firmly believe that most consultancy engagements should be short with clearly defined outcomes.

Business Advice

We provide advice and support to business leaders and boards of directors, on an as needed / on demand basis. We help business leaders rationalise the day to day conflicts inherent in running a business, regain perspective, and act as a sounding board for difficult decisions. We also provide advice on specific business problems from our own extensive experience of business leadership - over the years we have met most business problems either in our own businesses or as advisors to others. Call us on 07624 245700 to discuss or read more.


Packaged Services

As customers we expect that an assignment is finite and not a springboard to the next commission. With this in mind we have taken some of our most commonly sought consultancy engagements and packaged them into easy to understand services designed to assist boards in meeting their responsibilities whilst offering finite costs and clear outcomes.

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  Board Evaluation
  Strategic Business Review
  Risk Management
  International Tax Planning
  Seminars and workshops


Bespoke Consultancy

In addition to our packaged services we provide wider consultancy and advice in a range of subjects based upon our knowledge and real-world experience which cannot be easily packed up into predefined offerings. In particular we address the following aspects of business.

Corporate Governance

Over the past three decades there has been a continuous and almost irresistible pressure on organisations towards greater and more transparent corporate governance. Many factors, including major frauds, financial collapses, industrial disasters, and increasing delivery of taxpayer-funded and public services through private companies, have led to increased expectations of both external scrutiny and visible best practice in corporate governance. 

Many boards have found that the discipline of improving corporate governance, often in response to external pressure, has in itself improved organisational performance on a range of KPIs - good governance can and should pay for itself many times over.

At Carraghyn we are experts in Corporate Governance. As Chartered Directors our principals were all trained, and examined on their practical application of good governance, as a necessary part of becoming qualified. We approach corporate governance from the standpoint that it is a mechanism for corporate improvement, not a set of rules to constrain, and we are able to assist almost any organisation in reviewing and improving their corporate governance to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Corporate Structure

There comes a time in the life of any significant organisation when it is desirable, or necessary, to restructure. It may be to ensure separation of liabilities and risks, to delegate control of business units, to improve clarity of asset ownership for tax purposes, to support proper succession planning or  to tidy up following an acquisition... There are many reasons for changing the structure of an organisation, and many factors to be considered in doing so. We regularly assist directors and shareholders in reviewing and changing their corporate structures, we are expert in both the mechanics of doing so, and the many technical considerations including ownership, tax, control, liability, intellectual property and multi-jurisdictional company law.

Organisational Structure

The way in which we structure our organisations has substantial impact on performance. Structures which lead to silo-isation may inhibit communication between different parts of the organisation creating inefficiency. Structures which isolate some parts of the business from customers may cause lack of employee accountability and consequent customer dissatisfaction. Unclear or overly complex management hierarchy may prevent the essential upward flow of information to senior executives and directors. When looking at organisational structure it is often difficult to see the wood for the trees - we know we have the current structure for a reason. At Carraghyn we are experienced in reviewing organisational structures, standing back and taking an objective view, and providing leadership to carry the enterprise through reorganisation to a brighter future with minimum disruption.

Business Development

Our team has substantial and very broad experience of sales across many different types of product and service through a wide range of channels and sales models. This breadth of experience gives us the ability to see missed opportunities and to construct sales models and systems which exploit them. In standing back and taking a strategic overview of the organisation's customer engagement tools and methods we assist in ensuring that sales are maximised within the resources available. 

Business Operations

Whatever we do in business, we have to do it somehow. That "how" is often one the most neglected aspects of business. There are few senior executives who at some time or another have not wanted to delve deep into their organisations processes, to improve effectiveness and efficiency, root out waste and eliminate errors; but the reality is that few have the time to dedicate to systemic improvement - good is good enough.

We regularly review business operations on behalf of executive management, identifying failings and reconstructing processes to eliminate them. We teach staff to implement continuous improvement methods that enable inefficiency, error and waste to be driven out from the bottom up, relieving executives from the need to approach problems top down and helping to crate self-managing organisations in which the leaders can focus more on leadership and strategy without being dragged into the mire of operations.  

Simply, we make organisations more efficient, effective and self-reliant by putting operations on a sound and sustainable footing reducing the burden on management, improving staff morale and satisfaction, and driving more profit into the business system.


Click on the headings for more information and if you would like to discuss our capabilities in these areas and how we might be able to help you please call our duty director on +44 7624 245700.

“Carragyn’s dealings are practical, fair and tough-minded. We work shoulder to shoulder with clients planning and then implementing strategy, thereby helping our clients realise their short and long term objectives.”


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