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Sometimes you need someone to talk to; someone who will listen, help you to untangle your thoughts, clarify your priorities and help you see the way forward.

Other times you may want specific advice, or extra thinking power to create new options, e.g. -

  • What can I do about this underperforming division?
  • How do I deal with this problem employee / customer / supplier?
  • How can I work around this cashflow / banking / payment problem?
  • Where else can I sell my product / service, and how?

Nothing clever, just the usual problems that every business leader faces on a regular basis. 

If you ask us to, we will advise you. Carraghyn's Chartered Directors have over a century of first-hand business experience. We have met and overcome many problems in many businesses, small and large. Give us a call on 07624 245700 for a free, confidential and no-obligation chat.


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