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Modern corporate governance requires that boards execute a periodic review, usually annual, of their effectiveness. The purpose of this requirement is to help ensure that the boards leading the organisations on which our society depends, for employment, services, products and wealth creation, are effective leaders of those organisations. Board reviews assist boards in becoming more effective, making better decisions and avoiding staleness, group think and other pitfalls associated with long-established and stable teams. Large companies are required by law to execute regular board effectiveness reviews and to report on these as part of their annual report, smaller companies are not required to execute board reviews by law, but are advised do so voluntarily to achieve self-improvement and demonstrate good governance. Similarly many public sector organisations are required by law or by their regulators to perform regular board reviews.

Carraghyn provides a uniquely insightful board evaluation process especially designed for boards of all sizes including companies, charities, and public sector organisations. 

All our board evaluations are performed by a panel of three Chartered Directors accredited by the Institute of Directors. The panel is drawn from directors of diverse backgrounds and experience to maximise the breadth of our appraisals and ensure balance in assessing the different roles and responsibilities of the board and board members.

Using the appraisals prepared by the panel a named Chartered Director then prepares the Board Evaluation Report taking into account the diversity of views generated by the panel.

Our methodology ensures that Carraghyn provides the most insightful and helpful evaluation to assist boards and chairmen in improving both their performance and the performance of the organisation.

To accommodate the needs and concerns of different types of board we provide a tariff card of complementary services enabling us to bespoke our evaluation service to your circumstances.

We also offer a range of supporting services to help boards improve their performance.

Download the Carraghyn Board Evaluation System description and pricing here.


We also provide an Online Board Evaluation for boards seeking a less formal self-evaluation here.

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