Custom Car Covers

Do you find it hard to get a slot at the nearest covered parking lot? Don’t worry. You can keep your car safe with a custom fit car cover. A weather-proof cover is the next best thing to covered parking. It protects your vehicle from the harsh elements and more. Whether you accept it or not, the environment can be your car’s worst enemy. Mother Nature can be cruel to vehicles and she doesn’t care whether your car costs a fortune or not. She attacks without mercy and she can destroy your investment. Next to your home, your car is your most prized possession. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to protect your investment by reducing the period of time that your vehicle is exposed to the environment. You can prevent this with a good cover. Modern car covers won’t take a long time to put on. Most are made using advanced computer drafting software and can be used in less than a minute. Custom covers are so-called since they snugly fit your own vehicle and have the best protection. Contrary to popular belief, a car cover isn’t simply just a cover. Today’s covers have different features and options that can be tailored to meet the needs of your vehicle. High quality covers are made to protect your car from the sun and rain. They have breathable fabrics to repel the elements. Without breathable fabrics moisture can get trapped under a cover and eventually destroy your car’s paint while ultraviolet (UV) protection stops the sun’s harmful rays to prevent fading. UV protection is important that it is one of the most expensive features of a good car cover.

Chevrolet Prisma arrives to line 2019 with a series of news

After the Onix, behold the Chevrolet Prisma of the 2019 line is presented following the standard of what was adopted in the compact hatch. In the case of the LT 1.4 (R $ 58,990) version, the changes start with a list of more complete series items, with the inclusion of electric mirrors, alloy wheels, on-board computer and rear-view camera. Also included in the largest package of equipment are the Chevrolet Prisma LT 1.4 series, other items such as head restraints, three-point belt for rear seat center occupants, rear bumper sensors (to aid maneuvering parking) and multimedia center with Android Auto and AppleCar Play. There is also how to include six-speed automatic gearbox, which makes the suggested price of the compact sedan rise to $ 64,390, which gives value to the cruise control (“autopilot”), which can not equip the version with exchange manual, also six-speed. Then, in the Advantage version (R $ 59,590), the automatic box comes standard, but the list of standard equipment is a little more modest than in LT, since it does not have the rear sensors, multimedia center, among others items. Two other differences are due to the lack of the alloy wheels, replaced by other steel with plastic caps and the simple radio, which well only with USB and Bluetooth. GM also included more news in the Chevrolet Prisma 2019. That’s because the top-of-the-line LTZ now comes with fully leather-lined seats, unlike what had been offered up to the 2018 line, where only the sides of the seats had been lined. However, the 1.4 engine remains unchanged, with 106 horses with ethanol.

New generation of models

GM invests in a new generation of models that will begin to be launched from 2020. The cars will be developed in partnership with SAIC, a Chinese manufacturer that has alliance with the American brand, 20 years ago. In all, R $ 13 billion will be applied to renew Chevrolet’s entire range of models in Brazil. One of the clues as to what the new visual identity of the GM line in emerging countries, including Brazil, is expected to be, is the FNR-X prototype, which was shown at the Beijing Motor Show in April. The bold look of the front will be in all models of the new range that will be completed by 2022.

The New Top Half Car Cover Gains Popularity

The top cover is the new “I’ve got to have” in car covers. The top cover is beginning to gain popularity, this cover has many uses and can be installed and removed with little effort. Just this last year this cover was first placed on the open market and since then has become the “I’ve got to have” cover. If you haven’t seen or heard about this cover I want to let you know what it’s about. Sometimes when you are putting on your full size car cover, I am sure you are thinking there must be a better way to just cover your vehicle windows and hide your valuable possessions. For instance, when you go out shopping our just want to keep your car cool during the hot summer days, and also during the winter when you’re tired of scraping your windows in the morning before you go to work. Well, somebody had the same thought and came up with the top cover like chevy corvette car covers. This cover simply covers the top half of your car, it is made of a super tough material, and its light weight with UV and waterproof protection. The cover is very easy to install on your car, it just takes a few minutes to put on and take off. That is one reasons people have started to love this cover. The second reason, the protection and heat reduction the cover provides. The cost of the top cover is very reasonable compared to a full size car cover, although it is not quite half the price of a full cover, only because there are a lot more elements to this cover.

Well, you can take it from me that this cover is becoming a must have cover even if you already have a full size cover. If you are storing your vehicle for any length of time the full cover is a good choice, but when you are just out shopping or out on the town and even for a day trip somewhere, the top cover is great to have in your trunk for a quick solution to protect your valuables and cut down on the heat in your car. Making the right choice a material to cover your car is important to get the protection results you want. Many covers are made using cheap materials and fabrics that do not offer you the kind of protection necessary for some conditions. Learn more about the characteristics you should look for when shopping for a cover. Water resistance is an important characteristic to look for in car covering materials. However, even the most resistant material has to breathe. If not, moisture would build up underneath it that could also damage the finish on your vehicle. Choosing a brand that offers breathable material is best. Keep in mind you can still have the water resistance you need in a breathable fabric. Look over the water resistance details surrounding your cover choice before making a purchase. You most likely know how damaging the suns rays can be to your car. Paint color can fade fast when left unprotected in the sun for too long. Choosing materials with the most UV ray protection is essential for preventing the paint on your car from fading. The sun also damages the interior as well. Nothing looks worse than the dashboard cracked from too much sun.

Choosing a custom cover may be your best option. In this way, you do not have to worry about dust and grime blowing beneath the bottom edges of the cover. Custom covers can be made using specifications for the model vehicle you own, thus preventing the build up of dirt particles underneath the material. Some areas require you to provide additional protection for your cars finish. The areas that experience heavy snows in the cold and acid rain means you will need to learn more about the cover made for these kinds of conditions. Covering your vehicle when there is the likelihood of severe conditions is a good idea.

Remembering to choose the softest materials is best. Cheaper materials add some protection, but they also may be too rough for your finish. Some covers can cause scratches when rubbed or pressed upon from the outside. Choosing the absolute softest fabric is best to avoid this damage. Looking through the many choices available for car covers can be challenging. Taking home the one best for you is important, so learning more about the level of protection your vehicle needs most is helpful. Being informed helps you to know when you are selecting the material you can depend for durability. You can even find auto supplies like a car cover and car seats at a garage sale. If you want to save money on a car cover, you can surely check out a garage sale before going to Walmart or other stores that sell them. They may not be in as good condition as the wholesale car cover sold at Walmart, but it is worth it just to look at a garage sale beforehand. A wholesale car cover can be expensive if purchased at Walmart or a similar store.

Garage sales are advertised on bus stops, benches, street lights, and advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Sundays are pretty common days for people to have a sale. If you have a free Sunday, it may be worthwhile checking out a garage sale to see what kind of deals they have. Some people go to the sales with an idea in mind of what they need, and others just go to browse around to see what is there, even though they don’t have anything specifically in mind to buy. I have gone to sales and found some really great items that I wasn’t even thinking of purchasing before I got there! Tools are found in these sales. You can find hammers, wrenches, bike and car tools, nails, bolts, and all sorts of tools and supplies of that nature. If you are a fix it kind of person, it may be worth your time to look at a sale instead of just driving off to Walmart where you could end up spending at least twenty more dollars on a specific product.

People also sell random clothes at garage sales such as baby clothes, children’s clothes, men’s and women’s clothes, costumes, among other items. You may not have something in mind particularly to buy, but you would be surprised to find some random items that could come in handy. Kitchen supplies are also found at sales. You can find blenders, crock pots, hand mittens, bowls, cups, spoons, knives, forks, and entire dinner sets. Even though they are second hand, they could still very well be in good condition. Why spend two hundred dollars on a new blender while you can find a second hand one that works just as well for only ten dollars! Now that is saving big. Sofas, chairs, tables, and book shelves, in addition to other furniture, can be found at these sales for low prices. They may be heavy so you may need to bring your truck or have a friend help you carry the furniture to where it needs to go. Auto supplies such as car covers and car seats can be found for low prices also. While you could spend one hundred dollars on a car seat at a store, you could find a second hand car seat for just about twenty dollars or so. If you have the time, garage sales could save.


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