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Do you have what it takes?

Our typical associate is a successful entrepreneur or seasoned business executive with some or all of these characteristics:

  • Experience at producing outstanding results in a specific functional area or as an enterprise leader
  • Keen instincts for conserving cash and leveraging existing resources
  • Appetite for new challenges
  • Ability to thrive in unstructured situations

If this sounds like you, we should talk. We can provide:

A variety of exciting opportunities: We provide a flow of business opportunities most associates wouldn’t otherwise see.

  • Experience converting prospects into clients: We size up situations fast and create practical plans that fit both clients’ needs and their ability to pay
  • Assignments to maintain your business flow: Many independent consultants live a feast-or-famine existence, getting immersed in one project for months, only to spend more months finding the next. Our deal flow can help smooth that cycle.
  • Resources to support large turnarounds: Large turnarounds often need interim resources in several areas. Carraghyn has the bench strength to fill those roles, plus infrastructure to keep projects on track.
  • Freedom from stakeholder management: For different reasons, both growth situations and turnarounds pose stakeholder management challenges that can interfere with business priorities. We’re old hands at managing these issues, freeing you to manage the business.
  • Competitive compensation, plus referral fees: Compensation is usually a combination of work fees, plus contingency structured against measurable outcomes. If interested, equity can form an element of the arrangement. We also pay referral fees for opportunities and/or assistance leading to successful outcomes.



We currently have a limited number of vacancies for experienced businessmen and women to visit potential clients on our behalf and present details of some of our packages. We offer an initial fee plus commission on work carried out.

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