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“Carraghyn’s associates provide the capacity for them to execute multiple projects at the same time, while ensuring each project gets the attention it deserves.”

Our Principals are brilliant, but you could argue that the real strength of Carraghyn is our panel of associates, all tested in a range of high-stake, high-pressure situations. Many of these executives have a broad range of functional expertise and specific industry knowledge whilst others are perhaps more generalist in their outlook. All have the vital ability of being able to jump into challenging situations and produce fast results.

Many of our projects involve deploying one or more associates – working under the overview of a Principal - to provide interim support as the client team moves to a new growth level or to execute a turnaround or cessation of business.

In such circumstances we will, under the direction of one of our Principals, utilise our extensive network of specialist associates who will work with you to achieve an understanding of your business, your strengths, weaknesses and your desired outcomes and provide – with the input of our Principals – a fully thought out and resourced solution (within an agreed budget) which will enable you to achieve the best outcome for your business given the circumstances.

“Carraghyn’s Principals only engage associates with proven track records and from whom they would themselves be happy to take advice. Associates all undergo a process of continuing professional development appropriate to projects on which they may be engaged.”

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