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“The strategy of only using proven business people makes Carraghyn different to traditional advisory firms based upon accountancy, law and recent MBA graduates.”

Carraghyn is a firm of Chartered Directors. Established in 2010 we are probably unique in being an advisory firm all of whose principal consultants are Chartered Directors and Fellows of the Institute of Directors, testament to our claim to provide business advice from business people, and evidence that we "have been there and done that". Our guiding principle is that the advice we provide to clients is based upon our own real-world experience of leading businesses as directors.

We are proud that all our principal consultants are Chartered Directors. Chartered Directors are proven to have a dramatic and positive effect on the success of organisations and are able to:

  • Demonstrate to shareholders, stakeholders, clients and customers that their organisation is professional and successful.
  • Operate at a strategic and tactical level to establish and sustain growth.
  • Appreciate all aspects of effective business leadership and sound corporate governance.
  • Improve the board's effectiveness and their personal contribution.

Click Here for more information of the scope of the Chartered Director qualification.

Our principal consultants lead both our business and our team of associates. Many of our associate consultants have been successful as CxOs or directors of substantial businesses. All our consultants are exceptional in their own fields, and our primary selection criteria for both principal consultants and associates is that they must be people from whom we would be happy to take advice.

We are business generalists who have faced and conquered all manner of business challenges, and our mission is to help our clients develop better all-round businesses. Our success is measured in our contribution to creating healthy and sustainable organisations. We are, above all, pragmatic and practical people, and we offer to you practical and pragmatic solutions for your business problems.

“Not every organisation can have a qualified Chartered Director on their board but with Carraghyn they can have the advice and input of experienced Chartered Directors as and when they need it.”

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